The RDS Autoclave has been designed to the highest quality available, with input from the best engineers, metallurgists and inspection authorities. The modern design is specifically intended for modern day materials. The design and high quality manufacturing process ensures that every autoclave is delivered exactly to the required specification and will ensure every load is fully sterilized and dried in the shortest possible time using the least amount of energy and water possible RDS autoclaves are built to the highest quality using the best material available. The design specifications and standards are according to the current pressure vessel regulations and strict monitoring of the manufacturing process is carried out by independent inspection authorities ensuring that the manufacturing process conforms to the highest possible standards. The assembly of the autoclave is done entirely with future service and repairs in mind, access to the various valves, pumps and pipework is considered during the assembly to ensure that easy access to all components is obtained. Each installation site may require special requirements so each autoclave is built to the specific requirement of the facility or installation site. The RDS Autoclave Body is manufactured fully from LDX2101 Duplex Stainless steel, this high quality material is extremely robust against the effects of chlorides. One of the biggest failures we are experiencing on autoclaves is stress corrosion cracking due to the exposure of chlorides to the manufacturing material. Chlorides are present in the supply water to the autoclave and can possibly be carried over in the steam from the steam generator into the jacket and chamber of the autoclave. Other items that contain chlorides is saline solution that is used in theatre and many cleaning detergents which may come into contact with the chamber material. Chlorides shorten the life of the autoclave.