Shinva – BMW-T-200G Lab Washer Disinfector


The BMW-T-200G Lab Washer-Disinfector is your trusted partner for maintaining impeccable cleanliness in laboratory settings. Designed to handle a wide range of glass, ceramic, metal, and plastic utensils, this advanced appliance combines cutting-edge technology with robust construction. Let’s explore its key features:

  1. Microcomputer Control and High-Definition Touch Screen:
    • The BMW-T-200G features intuitive microcomputer control, ensuring precise and efficient operation.
    • Navigate effortlessly using the high-definition touch screen, which provides automatic control over the cleaning process.
  2. Versatile Cycles:
    • Choose from 8 standard cycles, each tailored to specific cleaning needs.
    • Customize further with 32 editable cycles, accommodating diverse laboratory requirements.
  3. 316L Mirror Stainless Steel Molded Chamber:
    • Crafted from brand-new 316L mirror stainless steel, the chamber offers exceptional durability.
    • Laser-welded construction ensures a seamless body, minimizing corrosion risk.
    • The smooth surface promotes easy decontamination and self-cleaning properties.
  4. No Water Hanging, No Dead Ends:
    • The BMW-T-200G’s design eliminates water retention points, preventing cleaning dead ends.
    • Instruments emerge thoroughly cleaned, with no lingering moisture.
  5. Enhanced Drying Effect:
    • Say goodbye to damp utensils. The BMW-T-200G ensures optimal drying performance.
    • The stainless steel chamber promotes efficient heat distribution, leaving glassware and instruments ready for use.

The BMW-T-200G Lab Washer-Disinfector combines precision engineering, user-friendly controls, and superior materials to deliver high-quality laboratory washing solutions. Trust it to maintain hygiene standards and enhance your lab workflow.