Shinva – FS-130 Formaldehyde Sterilizer


The Formaldehyde Sterilizer employs a powerful non-specific alkylation process, where formaldehyde molecules directly target reactive groups on bacterial nucleic acids and proteins. This alkylation disrupts essential cellular functions, ultimately leading to microbial death.

Key Features:

  1. Comprehensive Design:
    • The Formaldehyde Sterilizer comprises essential components:
      • Sterilization chamber
      • Vacuum system
      • Sterilant injection system
      • Vaporization system
      • Automatic control system
    • These elements work seamlessly to ensure effective sterilization.
  2. Dual Sterilization Procedures:
    • Choose between two precise temperature settings:
      • 60°C: Ideal for delicate, heat-sensitive medical devices.
      • 78°C: Ensures thorough sterilization while maintaining material integrity.
  3. Process Similarity:
    • Formaldehyde sterilization follows a curve akin to high-temperature pressure steam sterilization.
    • However, it operates under negative pressure and lower sterilization temperatures.

Trust the Formaldehyde Sterilizer for reliable microbial control in critical healthcare environments.