Shinva – Rapid Automatic Washers


The Rapid Washer-Disinfector revolutionizes the field of medical equipment cleaning and disinfection. Designed to meet the stringent requirements of healthcare facilities, laboratories, and other critical environments, this advanced system seamlessly integrates steam and electricity heating modes. Let’s explore its key features:

1. Dual Heating Modes

  • Steam Heating: The Rapid offers high efficiency through steam heating. It harnesses the power of steam to achieve thorough cleaning and effective disinfection. However, traditional steam-heated models require an external steam supply, which can be cumbersome and limit installation options.
  • Electric Heating: In contrast, the electrically heated mode eliminates the need for an external steam source. While slightly less efficient than steam heating, it provides flexibility and ease of installation.

2. Intelligent Conductivity Online Monitoring System

  • The heart of the Rapid is its Intelligent Conductivity Online Monitoring System. This cutting-edge feature continuously assesses rinse water quality during the cleaning process. If the system detects poor water quality during the rinse stage, it automatically adds an extra rinse cycle. This ensures consistently high-quality results, meeting stringent hygiene standards.

3. Modular Wash Cart Design

  • The New Wash Cart introduces a modular approach to instrument cleaning. By swapping different rack modules, a single wash cart can accommodate various types of instruments. This versatility reduces procurement costs and optimizes storage space. Whether you’re cleaning delicate surgical instruments or robust laboratory glassware, the Rapid adapts effortlessly.

4. Intuitive Color Recognition System

  • Keeping operators informed is crucial. The Rapid features an Intelligent Color Recognition System that intuitively reflects the washer-disinfector’s operating status. Operators can quickly assess whether the system is ready, running, or requires attention—all at a glance.

5. Automatic Water Fill Control

  • Efficiency meets environmental consciousness with the Automatic Control of Water Fill Amount. The system dynamically adjusts water fill levels based on the loading capacity. When processing smaller loads, it reduces water consumption, minimizing electric and chemical detergent usage. This not only protects the environment but also lowers operational costs.

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Rapid A-520 Super6000-Q-Y, Rapid-M-320 Super4000-D