MEIKO Topic Combined Sluice Unit

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Hygienic workflows, outstanding ergonomics, and an optimum use of space – that’s what you get when you choose the combined sluice unit version of the TOPIC bedpan washer-disinfector.

Depending on your needs, this model can incorporate a bedpan washer-disinfector, work surfaces, slop sink and hand wash basin.

A compact combo unit offering powerful performance – that’s what you get when you choose this automatic bedpan flusher-disinfector embedded in a custom combined sluice unit of your choice. Simply add a work surface, hygienic slop sink, and hand wash basin – plus whatever cupboard space you need – and enjoy an outstandingly compact unit that maximises hygiene in your day-to-day work. This system helps prevent the spread of dangerous bacteria which could lead to hospital-acquired infections. Simply pop it in place, connect it up, and it’s ready to use! With its built-in TOPIC automatic bedpan flusher-disinfector, this combined sluice unit can also be upgraded and expanded at a later point in time, for example by adding additional cupboards, more work surface space, a larger sink or additional shelving for storing bedpans, urine bottles, kidney bowls or children’s potties.

The TOPIC automatic bedpan flusher-disinfector is quick and easy to install and features both thermal and acoustic insulation, making it a convenient and hygienic choice for care homes and nursing facilities.

Why MEIKO Topic?

  • Ideal handling with the ‘One Touch’ operating concept with large membrane keypad and clear symbol.
  • Hygienic safety due to value A0 control system to DIN EN ISO 15883
  • Very economical thanks to reduced use of operating resources
  • Short, individually adjustable and effective program cycles
  • Maximum flexibility due to multifunctional utensil holder concept
  • Patented steam-proof cleaning and disinfection system
  • Thorough cleaning with power nozzle system.
  • Electronic control system with diverse cleaning programs.
  • Hygiene assurance using thermal disinfection.
  • Many ways to use thanks to real-world focused options and extensive accessory range.

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