Stainless Steel Holder


  1. Mask Holder: Our stainless steel mask holder provides a convenient and hygienic solution for storing face masks. Whether in healthcare settings, offices, or public spaces, this holder keeps masks easily accessible while maintaining cleanliness and organization. Hang it near entrances, reception areas, or workstations for quick mask retrieval.
  2. Cap Holder: Designed for hospitals, labs, or industrial environments, our stainless steel cap holder ensures that caps remain organized and readily available. Keep head coverings within reach for staff, minimizing contamination risks and promoting a professional appearance. Wall-mounted or countertop options available.
  3. Brush Holder: Our stainless steel brush holder is ideal for dental clinics, laboratories, or art studios. Organize and protect brushes, ensuring they stay clean and ready for use. The durable stainless steel construction withstands frequent handling and cleaning.
  4. Glove Rack: In medical facilities, laboratories, or food processing areas, our stainless steel glove rack streamlines glove storage. Wall-mounted or tabletop, it accommodates various glove box sizes. Easy access to gloves promotes safety and efficiency during procedures.

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Mask Holder, Cap Holder, Brush Holder, Glove Rack